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Redesigning your living space doesn’t have to include refitting your entire bedroom furniture, replacing free-standing consoles and reinstalling a whole new kitchen. All you have to do is refresh furniture fronts.

You don’t need to wait 20 years to update your kitchen fronts and allocate an enormous budget to refit built in wardrobes. You can just order furniture fronts to create a whole new design that looks expensive and ties in with the entire room.

All of our furniture fronts are cut on a CNC router (for more information on CNC routers click here) which means that the production process is swift. Your furniture can be updated according to your exact sizes no matter how unusual they are.

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New Furniture Fronts Ireland

Purchasing furniture fronts in Ireland will make the look complete with accompanying hardware. Hardware for furniture fronts will be the final touch that will define the style of the room. It can steal the show and give you freedom on making a bold and risk-free decision due to how easy it is to replace.

There are a few tips on choosing the right hardware when purchasing your furniture fronts in Ireland. Look at the overall tonal scheme of your furniture and decide whether it is warm or cold. If you want to add warmth, pick gold, blacks or bronze coloured hardware. If you have a cool colour scheme then greys, silvers and also blacks or stainless steel will suit the scene best. Leather handles will go well for your TV units in Ireland and will look exceptionally stylish on a sideboard that has a plain design.

Updating your furniture fronts try to think of how many furniture items in the room will have exposed feet. It is not recommended to have all the furniture to have feet. We have a selection of different types of feet that will add an exceptional sense of style to your room creating either an eclectic or a mid-century look.

After you have selected what items you want to renovate in the room with new furniture fronts and deciding how many will have exposed feet, try not to have the same feet styles next to one another. Try to space them apart so that the eye can travel around with ease balancing out space. In combination with new furniture fronts, your sideboards, TV units or freestanding wardrobes will look stunningly beautiful transforming the entire design of the room.

Why Change Your Furniture Fronts

The reason behind changing your furniture fronts is to refresh the look of your house. It is a simple way to update the style, create a trendy vibe or a style you’ve always wanted to achieve but never knew how to do it without involving too much time and work.

Let’s explore a few ideas that can help you achieve each of the following styles:

  • Midcentury Modern Style
  • Minimalist Style
  • Contemporary Style

A midcentury modern style is easy to create with by changing furniture fronts into a plain sideboard with cut out handles and legs. Furniture fronts for credenzas, freestanding TV units is the easiest way to transform the room to look like a midcentury modern styled room. To continue the colours for the furniture in this style, pick whites with either cutout handles or leather pull handles that add warmth and cosiness.

If you have finally decided to achieve the minimalist ‘less is more’ look then it’s your chance to use the update of furniture fronts to do so. Minimalist look entails an idea of creating a calm and clutter free atmosphere. If you look at a minimalist room, your eye will travel through space without stopping on any particular detail. You don’t need to design your space in black and whites, all you need to do is choose neutral pastels and either plain furniture fonts or sleek and simple patterns.

Furniture fronts allow you not only renovate your existing space effortlessly but achieve the style you have dreamed of for a long time. We make sure it is an effortless process by completing orders quickly so you can enjoy a new look in your kitchen, bedroom or any other room on your house in no time.

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