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    Our kitchen doors are fully bespoke, made in any size you want in our workshop in Dublin.

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    Kitchen doors available spray painted in any colour or in an affordable melamine range.

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    We can deliver the day after your doors are made, or collect them from our workshop.

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    Kitchen Doors Ireland

    Unlike an entire kitchen refit, replacing just the kitchen doors will save you time and money resulting in a new looking kitchen. The price for replacing the fronts of your kitchen cabinets will depend on the size of your kitchen, materials, finishes and the designs. The final price will also be affected whether you wish to replace the handles on your kitchen doors.

    We made sure to make your process simple for you by completing the order online and fitting kitchen doors by yourself. It is a smooth and seamless process even if your kitchen has unusual sizes, we cut your kitchen fronts to measure.

    • Made to Measure
    • Any Colour
    • High gloss doors available
    • Wood grain doors available
    • Dublin collection, Nationwide delivery
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    Kitchen Doors Benefits

    A style of kitchen unit doors, whether it has a traditional or minimalist look, can appear either sophisticated, contemporary or classical by merely switching the handles.

    Push systems are installed so that you can just press on the kitchen cabinet doors and they will open. There will be no handles visible, and it’s a system that will work with most of the kitchen cabinet doors. Eliminating the handles from the kitchen doors, you’re creating a ‘less is more’ effect.

    The reason that push systems are so popular is that it makes the kitchen look clean, minimalist and modern. This look is always circling the trends and has stood the test of time in making kitchens look timeless and sophisticated. Timelessness is one of the most common concerns customers have. After all, if you’re installing a kitchen or changing kitchen cabinet doors, you want it to last decades before renovating it again.

    The benefit of you purchasing a push-open system for your kitchen cabinet doors is that you won’t have to worry about integrating the handles into the existing design. If you love a seamless and smooth look that is easy to clean, then this is the right choice for you. With our kitchen doors, you can use different designs and patterns making your kitchen look like a genuinely bespoke kitchen.

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    Kitchen Cabinet Doors

    Kitchen handles and knobs create a complete look when designing kitchen unit doors. They tie in the entire design of the kitchen and will transform the way you perceive the pattern of the kitchen doors and the colours. Just remember one thing about the handles is that the comfort and the style go hand in hand. We provide a variety of handles gives you a choice to decide which ones you think will be the most practical and aesthetical on your kitchen unit doors.

    Once you’ve decided on the style of your kitchen, consider the finishes for your handles for your kitchen doors. There is a variety of finishes ranging from gold, rose gold, steel and more. To pick out the right type of handles, consider the features in the kitchen. You may want to tie in the colour of the stove or the colour of your windows through your handles on your kitchen unit doors. It is worth taking into account your floors, whether they are tiles or wood.

    A right type of handle finish on your kitchen doors will help you bring different elements in the room together. For example, if you have grey kitchen unit doors and wooden windows, then brass or rose gold handles will help you integrate the wood into the overall design. This article shows a great example of how you can use different elements in the room to tie in with your choice of handles.

    Another example that will help you tie in the kitchen colours and textures is if you have white kitchen unit doors and a black worktop. Black handles in the forms of knobs or mirroring the material of the worktop, will make the kitchen look high end.

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    Choosing Kitchen Knobs

    Kitchen knobs are extremely easy to replace on kitchen doors. Just think of how easy it will be to transform the entire kitchen by just replacing a different shape of your knobs or handles.

    When it comes to deciding how to mix different types of handles in one kitchen, it is entirely up to your taste. If you want a variety of different handles but aren’t quite sure how to make it happen, consult our experienced designer who will tell you how to find a perfect solution.

    If you want a consistent look that doesn’t look busy try going for one length of the handles. You can go for a more extended option on drawers that are wider but if you’re unsure about how long a handle should be, ask for our advice.

    kitchen cabinet doors

    Kitchen Doors Dublin

    Darker colours are becoming more popular now because designers showed homeowners that darks don’t always make a room look cold and small. They proved that dark greys, blues and browns can bring in the sense of sophistication and personality. Using dark colours in your kitchen cupboard doors, you can create accents and bring in the warmth into your kitchen cupboard doors.

    Before using dark colours in your kitchen doors, make sure that you have a lot of natural light. Large windows, bright worktops, floors and walls will help a kitchen carry a dark colour. This is because if there is not enough natural light coming in, kitchen fronts can feel overwhelming, making the kitchen cupboard doors look smaller.

    If you’re still indecisive whether you want your entire kitchen to be dark, you can always combine two tones together. It can either be a dark kitchen island or dark kitchen doors covering the bottom half of the kitchen. Combining two tones will make your kitchen look truly unique. This article will give you ideas on how to mix dark and bright tones together when picking your kitchen cupboard doors.

    If your heart desires white more than it wants bold colours there are a few things you need to know about all white kitchens doors. White can be divided into two tones, warm and cold. We provide a Loft White colour which is completely white without any undertones and a Wimborne White with warm undertones for your new kitchen cupboard doors.

    kitchen doors dublin

    With this in mind, if you leave your kitchen doors all white without any accessories, it will end up looking clinical. To add warmth and layers, you can use golden or bronze handles or knobs, add personality using plants and rugs. Keep in mind your white undertone so that when you’re layering the items, you’re using the same warm undertones.

    White kitchens will always be versatile, timeless and sophisticated. You can dress up your kitchen cupboard doors any way you want transforming it's looking into many different styles from contemporary to traditional with minimal effort.

    As you can see, we offer a fast and straightforward process to remodel your kitchen by just replacing the doors and the handles. You can choose your own colours and fit the kitchen doors by yourself. In a very a short period of time from the moment you begin your kitchen renovation till you end it, you'll be standing in front of an entirely new looking kitchen.

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