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We are the Dublin bedroom wardrobe specialists. We can provide a wide range of bespoke wardrobe doors — any size, any finish.


Wardrobe Doors often occupy the most space in a bedroom, apart from your bed. The exterior of a wardrobe will have the ability to tie in together the entire design of the room. If you find the right type of wardrobe doors for your bedroom, you’ll be able to establish a whole theme of the space.

You don’t have to take out an entire wardrobe and install a new one instead. You can just replace the doors, even if you have an awkward space with a slanted roof. We provide a simple solution to renovating your wardrobe doors by just replacing them with new ones. These doors come cut to measure precisely to your wardrobe sizes.

Before you start ordering your new wardrobe doors, let’s dive into different designs and colour choices.

Wardrobe Doors Ireland

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Wardrobe Doors Benefits

If you’re looking for something entirely different and you want to add more personality to your wardrobe doors choose white against dark walls. It will give your room a Scandinavian room, combined with our door designs, adding a crisp and a contemporary look. The dark backdrop will bring out any patterns you may choose for your new doors for wardrobes bringing out all the detail of the carvings.

Keep your wardrobe doors simple if your wardrobe is fitted along an entire wall. It will make space look bigger by eliminating pattern and handles. Our push-open system can help you maintain an unobtrusive simplistic look. If you still want a subtle presence of handles, you can go with the carved out option. It will look authentic and add a mid-century feel to the room.

If you want a colour that is neutral, just like white but has more depth to it, grey is an excellent solution for that. It provides a discreet canvas for creating different types of styles such where you can mix different colours. For office cupboards you can pair new doors with freestanding COVID-19 protective screens, improving the looks while keeping your staff safe from COVID-19.

Grey works well with new wardrobe doors that were not meant to be the centre of attention in the room. They will gently add to the decor, helping feature pieces such as the bed or artwork become a focal point.

wardrobe doors

New Doors for a Wardrobe

To make sure that your new wardrobe doors Ireland suit the entire theme of the room takes a look around at the existing colours. If you have existing woodwork in the bedroom in your bed frames, window sills and other furniture, you can pair them with greys and blues.

A darker shade for your new doors for wardrobes can add a contrasting element against lighter coloured walls. It’ll be something different from the standard colour of white

In a small bedroom, new doors for your wardrobes can look better if you match the tone of the doors with the tone of the walls. This will help space look less overwhelming, especially if your doors go all the way up to the ceiling. Neutral colours in this situations will give the bedroom a calming and serene feel.

Redesigning your bedroom wardrobe doors Ireland is similar to kitchen doors. If you want an open white wardrobe without making it look too cold and empty, pair it with golden or bronze handles for more warmth. Round shapes of the handles will add a more natural element creating an inviting look.

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Choosing Bedroom Closet Doors

We all want our rooms to look larger and face an ultimate storage dilemma when we need to fit every piece of clothing into the wardrobe. This article will help you organise your wardrobe storage. The easiest solution to visually expand a room is to install bedroom mirror doors while you’re remodelling.

Bedroom closet doors will not only make the room look larger, but they will also make the room look brighter. Mirrors reflect the natural light, helping you illuminate the corners that are darker. This way if you’re installing a mirror in your bedroom doors you can use a darker colour for your fronts to create a more luxurious and sophisticated look.

Even if you only have an opportunity to install one bedroom mirror closet door it will still be an incredibly functional solution. Mirrors will look well with every colour, style and texture. To keep the consistency running in the bedroom, it is recommended to have another mirrored piece of furniture, like a vanity unit, which you can also refresh with new fronts to match your new wardrobe.

If your goal is to create a sense of space and boost a feeling of airiness in the room, using mirrors is the best way to do that. Your new bedroom mirror doors will make it look like you have purchased a completely different piece of furniture.

new wardrobe doors

Replacement Doors for Wardrobes

Creating a minimalist look for your bedroom can be easily achieved with replacement doors for wardrobes. If your wardrobe is taking up the majority of your bedroom, you can easily create a clean and effortless look with new plain doors. The primary goal when creating a minimalist look is to eliminate distractions and create a relaxing and comfortable space.

A lot of people associate minimalism with white. If white is too plain, you can choose the replacement doors for wardrobes in muted, pastel tones. These tones are easily paired with almost anything even when you decide to move on from the minimalist idea in the future.

The reason why people associate white with minimalism is that it makes space look bright and airy. This means that bringing in natural light into your bedroom is as essential as replacement of doors for wardrobes. Try to clear your windows of any curtains and blinds to help it look more minimal.

All of your ideas for replacement of doors for wardrobes to make your room look minimalist but also personal can also be created through a simple geometric pattern. These patterns mirror simplicity of contemporary trends and will add to the sophisticated look of your minimalist bedroom and can also be used in your kitchen fronts.

replacement doors for wardrobes

A lot of customers struggle to achieve a minimalist look with radiators hanging on their walls. Did you know that you can create radiator covers with simple, minimalist patterns? At Radcover.ie we can help you disguise them on your way to achieving the simplistic and effortless style.

Placing handles on your new bedroom doors keep in mind that you’re trying to keep the style calm and airy. Look around the room and see what type of handles will organically fit in without grabbing too much visual attention. Simple, minimalist options matching the tones of the overall wardrobe door will be your best option.

Replacing your bedroom doors can transform the look of your space dramatically. You can either finally have that airy, minimalist feel or a crisp contrast of dark and light colours. This is a natural process to achieve the look that you want by just replacing the doors that you can fit by yourself.

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