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We strongly believe that our homes should evolve as we the home owners evolve.

Ask any savvy property investor in the Irish market and they will tell you that a good lick of paint can immediately improve the value of your property in an instant for not much additional cost. What most of our Irish experts also know is that a well thought through ‘change’ of cabinet knobs and cabinet handles will equally bring a disproportionately rewarding aesthetic ambiance into your home and could even improve its overall value to a discerning buyer or renter.

Throughout Dublin and other parts of Ireland people are busy renovating their homes and statistics are showing that people are starting to stay longer in their homes and not moving as frequently. Living in Dublin is expensive and moving house is just as expensive. A recent study showed how 2,000 homeowners confirmed spending over €14,000+ in house moves over their lifetime.

Advice From Our In-House Designer.

If you need the advice of someone with a great eye for design, our in-house designer Miriam is ready to be of assistance. Send her an e-mail with your questions today.

Kitchen Handles Ireland

It is not cheap to move house in Ireland, you can avoid the massive stress and cost of moving house by doing a simple yet impactful renovation to your kitchen doors and cabinets throughout your house. We are specialists in creating bespoke cabinet fronts and accompanying cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls and drawer handles that will inject a revived elegant look into your home.

We love Ireland, we know and understand the Irish market, and we don’t shy away from letting our customers know that we are your local Dublin experts when it comes to cabinet handles, cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls and drawer handles. You can order these as bespoke items tailored to your specific design and deco requirements for delivery throughout our great city of Dublin here in Ireland.

We still don’t mind hearing from you even if you live outside of Dublin or Ireland, who knows we may still be able to reach your wonderful city!

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Cabinet Handles

Every home has a story that it tells, you can accentuate this story with our cabinet handles, or you may even want to change the story altogether and we can help you find the cabinet handles that tell your story best!
Whether you are looking for cabinet handles that radiate that organic touch and warmth of leather, or that crisp industrial feel of brass, our bespoke range of cabinet handles will satisfy the savvy Irish home owner or investor.

Our design philosophy is to always stick with a theme and make sure that the cabinet handles we help you select will compliment your cabinets, whether it be antique, modern sleek, contemporary, traditional or any where in between, our team will help you get the perfect cabinet handles that make your home come to life.

Cabinet handles are also ergonomically recommended for family members in your household who may have hand mobility difficulties. A cabinet knob generally requires a tight grip and twist manoeuver which may cause some people discomfort. Have a chat to one of experts in our friendly Dublin office to help you discuss this and other design options further.

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Cabinet Knobs

There are couple of things you need to bear in my mind when shopping for cabinet knobs. You want to ensure that all your cabinet knobs have a consistent cohesive finish. Mixing and matching is fine, but you must be deliberate about the design you want to achieve if you are to mix and match cabinet knobs. You also want to know what suits your home best between cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls.

We like to recommend that our finely detailed cabinet fronts go with cabinet knobs because cabinet knobs are smaller than cabinet pulls and they have an elegant subtlety that keeps the spot light on your wonderfully designed cabinet fronts.

Cabinet Pulls

Our popular range of cabinet pulls has been exquisitely designed to compliment your bespoke cabinet fronts with minimal embellishment that doesn’t take the focus away from your cabinets.

There is a wide range of cabinet pulls to suit your design taste, from stainless steel bar cabinet pulls, to recessed cabinet pulls that work well in high traffic kitchen areas or even some discreet tab cabinet pulls for the minimalist in you.

Drawer Handles

You can’t go wrong with our sturdy, durable drawer handles in your kitchen and on other cabinets around your home. There are so many materials out there it is easy to get confused.

We would love to help you work out the best drawer handles most suited to the cabinets in your home using our simple design philosophy that is theme based and anchored in delivering quality, durability and beauty. Your home has a story and we know that the right drawer handles will tell that story that much better and will lighten up your family spaces that much brighter.

We have some amazing drawer handles that are manufactured on a limited-edition basis to offer you that unique bespoke style, but at the same time practical and easy to care for.

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