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The old phrase “every home is a castle” is one which captures a home-owners desire to live in a house they are proud of. We all dream of the perfect house and many people spend hours browsing the internet for inspiration and pining for the perfect room to complete their perfect home.

We all like to feel proud when we show other people around our home. Not only is our house a status symbol, but it also says a lot about who we are. Designing each room to reflect this is important and every detail plays a unique part in this.

When it comes to setting the style in any room, it’s cabinet doors for your furniture which can make a real difference to any space. Every room in every house is different, yet in every space there is storage of some kind. It is essential that these storage solutions are practical. As well as being practical, these cabinets and units need to be aesthetically pleasing and compliment the feel of the room.

Choosing cabinet doors is therefore important in order to give each room in your house a designer look. Whether you are thinking of replacing your kitchen doors or wardrobe doors, we have wide range to choose from in a variety of styles and finishes.

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Advice From Our In-House Designer.

If you need the advice of someone with a great eye for design, our in-house designer Miriam is ready to be of assistance. Send her an e-mail with your questions today.

Replacement Cabinet Doors

Everybody has a picture in their head of their ideal home. Like all things our dream- space can usually be a little of reach. Redesigning a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom can be an expensive business and lots of people are forced to compromise when revamping these key spaces.

Replacing cabinetry can be an expensive business- particularly if you have either a large or unusual shaped space. Replacement cabinet doors can be the perfect solution to helping to create a desired look on a budget.

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is a saying that comes to mind when thinking about inexpensive ways to update your kitchen. If the basic structure of your kitchen suits your needs and is in good condition, then ordering replacement cabinet doors is a simple way to put your stamp on this cooking space. Choosing the right front in the right colour will help pull the kitchen together and make it look brand new.

Our cabinet doors come in a range of colours and finishes which will compliment the look you are aiming to achieve. While white cabinets still retain their popularity, adding colour is a key trend for 2018/2019. Patterned designs also provide a bold choice and will help your kitchen to stand out. Search the web for inspiration and then browse our range of replacement cabinet doors- you will be sure to find something that reflects your style.

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Cabinet Doors Ireland

When thinking of replacement cabinet doors, think also of the storage units in your bathroom. It is easy to forget about this space when redesigning your home- particularly if you are on a budget. Updating your bathroom can be simple and a few small changes can make a huge difference. While built in units may seem to feature in many modern designs, free-standing units can also provide a practical a stylish solution. Whichever units you have, replacing the fronts is simple and easy.

Pairing modern design with upcycled or vintage pieces can also make a statement at a small cost. Could you use a cabinet from your kitchen? Is there a disused chest of drawers, beside table or cupboard elsewhere in your home? Choosing the right replacement fronts for these pieces of furniture will help to make them the perfect storage solution for your bathroom. This is also true of other spaces within your home. Looking to reuse and upcycle your old furniture with replacement cabinet doors could help to give this a new lease of life elsewhere in your home.

Of course, ordering through our website is a simple and easy process. While you can install these fronts yourself, if you are short on time or prefer a full service you may wish you to have your doors fitted by a professional. You can receive quotes from local tradesman to achieve the perfect result to your home improvement project.

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Custom Cabinet Doors: A Case Study

Siobhan had recently bought her first house and wanted to make it an inspired space to relax after a long day at work. Siobhan is a graphic designer and works in Dublin city centre. While in good condition, the house Siobhan bought was in serious need of modernisation, having been lived in for 30 years by the same owners. For her new home Siobhan wanted to mix vintage styles with bold modern colours which reflected her artistic flair. The tiles in the kitchen were given a new lease of life by changing the cabinet doors to compliment the patterns. Siobhan also added vintage bar stools to the and a dining table to maintain create her ideal cooking and dining space.

In the bedroom, Siobhan wanted to create a space where she could relax while still making a statement. The existing bedroom had built in wardrobes which although practical gave the room a dated feel. The large unusual shape of the master bedroom created was the perfect canvas for Siobhan to put her own stamp on but meant it would be expensive to replace the built-in wardrobes. Alongside painting the room in a bright green, Siobhan ordered new patterned wardrobe doors to help finish the bedroom. She also used our site to order new replacement doors to upcycle some furniture she had bought second hand.

Siobhan contacted us many times throughout the process of making her first house a home and was able to use our service to help make her ideas a reality.

Wood Cabinet Doors

All our wood cabinet doors are built to be durable and stand the test of time in even the busiest home. You can order replacement doors for:

  • Kitchen units
  • Wardrobes
  • Vanity units
  • Bathroom units
  • Freestanding units
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Sideboards
  • Bedside cabinets

Available in a range of patterns and colours you are sure to find something on our site to revitalise your cabinets. The wood cabinet doors are completely made-to-measure and cut to precision on CNC router.

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